Have you found true love? Is your current partner the 'one'? Are you putting your best foot forward in your pursuit of Happiness?

Relationships are never easy & even when both parties are equally committed to one another, love can have a bumpy road. Here at the Pastelle Consultancy we will guide our clients through that process & help you identify if the person you have chosen is truly 'the one'.

If your confidence is low or you haven't had luck with relationships in the past your judgments in these matters may be clouded. To truly make the right decision in all matters related to love you need to be living life to the fullest. The Pastelle consultancy is here to help, our know how includes lifestyle experts, nutritionists & dating coaches ...We will help each & every one of our clients regain their confidence and self love.

Our services include:

• Dating

• Life Coach

• Nutritionist

• Fashion Advice